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Imported Lycra Saree

  • This 6 yards of elegance includes Imported Lycra Saree in a solid single tone. Blouse fabric in same fabric as saree with net fabric on the front neck.


    Soft fabric that gives you the optimum drape while feeling at ease and comfortable. 



    1. Standard Unstitched means Imported Lycra saree without ready to wear and unstitched blouse piece.

    2. Stitched Saree Only means Imported Lycra ready to wear saree and unstitched blouse piece.

    3. Stitched Blouse Only means Imported Lycra saree without ready to wear and stitched blouse.

    4. Fully Stitched Saree & Blouse means Imported Lycra ready to wear saree and stitched blouse.


    1. All unstitched orders will contain 6 metres of saree and 1 metre blouse piece. 

    2. The stitched orders will be custom made and require measurements from the customer through a measurements form sent via Whatsapp and email. 

    3. Delivery Timeline will be 12-15 working days (calculated from the day of receipt of measurements) for the stitched orders. 

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